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What is Gorilla tag and mods ?

Gorilla tag 2022

The game consists of a classic tag game in which players must tag a particular user. The game is currently available for download on Oculus Quest devices for free. To begin to play Gorilla Tag, users should first download App Lab. You can search for the game on your Oculus Quest browser. It will prompt you to install App Lab and Gorilla Tag. Also, you can download Gorilla Tag for free from Steam. Nobody will call Gorilla Tag a technical masterpiece or a game that changed the world of VR, but that doesn't mean it hasn't earned a position in the pantheon. Let's take a closer look at what makes this free-to-play game so enjoyable.

Gorilla Tag is a VR multiplayer game where players have gorilla avatars and play tag on various maps, rehearse their movement skills, or socialize. There are different game settings, such as changing your avatar appearance, changing the game line and even adding your spin with modifications! It feels like you're a gorilla, to put it nicely. As funny as it may sound, this might be the best VR game that provides you with the most authentic picture of the experience it is trying to represent. Throughout your time with the Gorilla Tag VR game, you will feel like a gorilla. You'd think it'd be challenging to pull off until you start banging and hopping around like a gravitational pull gorilla.

This is how it works. If you see a gorilla who isn't your colour, that's the one you need to tag. And it's pretty specific to determine who's who at all times. The randomness of the gameplay, on the other hand, is what makes it so enjoyable, as you can hide or run anywhere on the map if you have the physical energy and creativity to get there. Gorilla Tag gives you a highly physical experience. Because this is one of those games that will quickly tire you out.

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Download the latest Monke mod manager for Gorilla tag. You can download it with the button below.


What you can do

There are so many mods that you can find. You can easily find them in the Downloads category on the GorillaTag Modding Discord. Here are some best things that you can do with mods, Customizing your gorilla avatar with custom materials, infected materials, and hats. - Gorilla Cosmetics You can play custom maps with Monke Map Loader. - Monke Map Loader Jump higher. - Space Monke Change the appearance of the sky. - MonkeSkies. Gorilla Tag is totally free, and we highly recommend it if you're looking for a unique and engaging way to get a workout in.

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